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What Leadership Is Not About

Leadership - Danny De los Reyes - June 27, 2017

Leadership is not about getting things done right, it’s getting things done through other people. -Andy Stanley If you want to multiple…

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I got to speak at That Church Conf Chicago Worskhop

That Church Conference

Leadership - Danny De los Reyes - April 25, 2017

Thanks for coming to That Church Conference – Chicago Workshop. I hope you had a great time and hopefully you found some…

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07 Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Church, Leadership - Danny De los Reyes - July 7, 2016

Your church senior leadership is more interested in the “why” behind your church activities. Why are we doing this event? Why are we starting this…

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Don’t Ask For Authority

Leadership - Danny De los Reyes - June 28, 2016

“Don’t ask for authority. Take responsibility.” Whitney George, from an interview on the Carey Nieuwhof Podcast. Meaning, don’t wait for a position…

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Start Right Now: Advice For College Students

Leadership - Danny De los Reyes - April 6, 2015

Bryan Jarrett, my senior pastor, started a radio program when he was 16. He would tape himself preaching, then send the recordings…

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7 Keys for Staying on Mission – Part 4

Leadership, Spirituality - Danny De los Reyes - March 9, 2015

This is part four  the final post in of the 7 Keys to Staying on Mission series. All the previous posts had been posted in…

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